Tamiya 1/48th scale Kettengraftrad

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Tamiya 1/48th Kettengraftrad

Model Built December 2004 to March 2005

Tamiya 1/48th Kettengraftrad

1.     It is early days for this little model. The Tamiya 1/48th scale Kettengraftrad. The model has been complemented by etched details by Eduard. This photo from December 2004 shows most of the assembly work done ready for painting.


Tamiya 1/48th Kettengraftrad

Etched details by Eduard Shadows and staining were added with chalk dust Detail hand-painting Wash runs into cracks and highlights detail
2.     I did not buy the full kit. Instead I bought a cast-off from a Tamiya Me-262 sold on EBay.

3.     By March 2005 the major sub-assemblies have been put together and painted. This involved airbrushing first a black undercoat then the camouflage colour. Next the shadows and staining were added with chalk dust.

4.     The tracks involved a lot of detail hand-painting.

5.     After the chalk dust weathering is applied on the matt base then a coat of gloss is airbrushed on top. This seals in the chalk and provides a better base for an acrylic brown wash that goes over top. The wash runs into cracks and highlights detail.
Tamiya 1/48th Kettengraftrad Tamiya 1/48th Kettengraftrad Tamiya 1/48th Kettengraftrad Tamiya 1/48th Kettengraftrad
6.     The acrylic wash would not run into the details if we used a matt base coat. Instead it would have just soaked into the matt coat. 7.     After the acrylic wash then the final assembly is performed and dry-brushing is performed. 8.     The finished model is a little gem and seen here photographed with the Bf109 E4 featured elsewhere on this web site. 9.     A final shot of the Kettengraftrad. Thanks EBay!

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