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Ian Allan "Wellington Special"

Ian Allan "Wellington Special"     This book was published in 1974 - ISBN 0 7110 0527 3 - I procured my copy cheaply off EBay in August 2006. There is a wealth of such material on RAF WWII bombers swimming around EBay but I would urge some caution to the model maker as most material pre-2000 will definitely show its age. This book by Alec Lumsden is 96 pages long. It consists of a little text and lots of black and white photo's. We are lucky in that there are just a few shots of interior features such Ian Allan "Wellington Special"as the bomb bay. For example there is a lovely chapter on Wellington production at the Vickers Armstrong Weybridge plant with a set of useful pictures of the structure and fuel tanks for the super-detailer. There is even four pages of colour drawings. To be fair this is little more than a boys 'coffee table' book from the 1970's and there is little of substance. However, if you can get it for 0.99GBP off EBay then why not? Otherwise don't bother. Save up for something newer and more expensive.

Warpaint Series nbr 10 "Vickers Wellington"

     ISSN 1361-0369 By Alan W Hall, this early numbered Warpaint book appears to be a later reprint as it seems to boast a higher quality gloss finish than other examples I have seen. Your 40 pages boast full colour inside & outer covers. These include both colour photos and colour profiles. There are 10 additional pages featuring further colour photo's and profiles. The center section has a double page set of plans although they state no scale. There is a, sadly, brief "In Detail" section towards the rear that barely covers a page and a half. However it features a few good interior shots but nothing special. The Final page has a roundup of Squadrons and Units that operated this Vickers machine. The few black and white photo's are not highly unusual and nothing you won't see in the other books featured here.  I would still recommend this book for its colour content which seems quite unusual for books on this type.

4+ Publication "Vickers-Armstrong Wellington"

4+ Publication "Vickers-Armstrong Wellington"     4+ Publication's "Vickers-Armstrongs Wellington - Medium Bomber variants Mks.I, IA, IC, II, III, IV, B Mk.X, T Mk.X/T Mk.10, T Mk.XIX/T Mk.19". ISBN 80-902559-7-3. +4 Publications is based out of Prague and they published this in 2003 some years before Trumpeter launched their 1/48th scale kit. Now MPM have launched a new moulding in 1/72nd scale (2006). Did the book inspire the model companies or vice versa? I don't know but since the advent of these new kits THIS book has become THE definitive guide for the making of models of this subject. The Warpaint book is good but this is better. It is bigger, for one thing, with 68 4+ Publication "Vickers-Armstrong Wellington"pages not including the full colour front and rear covers. There is a section at the back with full 1/72nd scale plans too. These are in a special folder so you can completely remove them for study. A nice touch. The rest of the book is largely photo's, many of them in colour including detailed colour internal photo's from the preserved Wellington in London's Hendon Air Museum. There are quite a few excellent diagrams and line drawings. However, all of the artworks (of which there are many) are all in black and white for some unfathomable reason. However, this is the only criticism. A must have for the Modeller. Highly recommended.

Ian Allan "Wellington at War"

Ian Allan "Wellington at War"     This book was published in 1982 as part of the classic Ian Allan "At War" series. ISBN 1 85648 173 5 - I got my copy cheaply off of EBay in August 2006 (my edition being a 1994 rebound copy with the "The Halifax at War" by the "Promotional Reprint Company Ltd".) The book was written by Chaz Bowyer and is 126 pages long. The reprint appears to be on a cheaper non-glossy paper whereas I think the original was of higher quality. I think this was reprinted very cheaply as a Christmas Ian Allan "Wellington at War"Stocking filler for the less discerning collector. Well - you get what you deserve on EBay don't you? The book is standard Ian Allan fair of the period. Lots of black and white photo's and light of text. A typical 'coffee table' format. There are a small number of photo's here that will be of interest to the modeller but I cannot see myself bothering to flick through this if there is something better on offer. There is no scale plans, no colour pictures, no colour profiles, no line drawings or engineering schematics. Very dated and not recommended.

Crowood "Vickers-Armstrong Wellington"

Crowood "Vickers-Armstrong Wellington"     Ken Delve's "Vickers-Armstrongs Wellington" from the Crowood Aviation Series. Published by Crowood Press Ltd in 1998 ISBN 1 86126 109 8. 192 pages hardback. Illustrated with large black & white photo's throughout this book includes lengthy Appendices listing Type Numbers, Production Data, Crowood "Vickers-Armstrong Wellington"Units, losses and attacks upon U-Boats. Although modern and well illustrated there is little here of enormous value for the modeller. There is no colour whatsoever, not even on the rear dust jacket! Even the front cover manages only a b&w photo and with a hint of colour in Michael Turner's painting (which hardly excites the senses). There are no scale plans and no colour profiles. Later Crowood offerings (such as the book on the Pe-2) offer far more for the modeller but these earlier works are little better than the Ian Allan 'coffee-table' dross that got churned out during the 1980's. The narrative is probably very worthy. One for the Wellington completist only I think. Model makers should focus on the Warpaint and 4+ Publications (left). Dull.

Martin Bowman "Wellington The Geodetic Giant"

Martin Bowman "Wellington The Geodetic Giant"     ISBN 1 84037 006 8. Martin Bowman "Wellington the Geodetic Giant" published by Airlife Books in 1989. This edition 1998. Picked up cheaply from EBay in June 2007 there are plenty of copies of this around. This copy was from Durham County Arts Library and sold for 16.95. It was 3 on EBay. This imprint came from nine years after original publication but  there appears to have been no updates. The title includes the word 'giant' which sounds a bit optimistic for a twin engined light Martin Bowman "Wellington The Geodetic Giant"bomber!  For your money you get 168 pages of text and black and white photo's. There is no colour other than the cover photo. There are no scale plans, no artwork, no diagrams and only a couple of fuzzy interior shots. Bowman wrote the book primarily for historical purposes and covers the human story of the crews. Probably worthy for that but of little use for the model maker. On the plus side there are some nice ground shots of the Wellington being bombed-up for those interested in diorama opportunities. Disappointing

Squadron/Signal "Wellington In Action"

Squadron/Signal "Wellington In Action"     ISBN 0 89747 183 0. By Ron Mackay with illustrations by Don Greer and Joe Sewell. Published by Squadron/Signal in 1986. Purchased second hand from EBay in July 2007. Fifty pages of text and black and white photo's. Center spread has colour side view artworks by Don Greer plus his colour work decorates both front and rear covers as usual. If you are used to the "In Action" formula there will be few surprises here for you. However the usual scrap view line drawings, showing the airframe differences between the major marques, is always welcome to those of us looking for a simple over-view for modelling purposes. The photo's are crisp and clear. There are Squadron/Signal "Wellington In Action"a good few shots of the Wellington under construction and under repair in the field plus a few useful pictures of the fuselage interior. Not in the same league as the 4+ Publication on this page but still worth adding to your collection if you can find a copy. They are going for anything up to 16 GBP on EBay at the moment due to scarcity. Recommended.

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