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"Tupolev Tu2" by Jesse Russell & Ronald Cohn

Bookiva Tupolev Tu-2    DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK, IT IS A CON. ISBN 978-5-5111-4267-8. Published by Lennex Corp in 2012. Has the words "Bookvika publishing" on the front cover as well as a small note that says "High quality content by wikipedia articles!" That must be some kind of joke. The entire contents is copied and pasted from Wikipedia. The information is exceptionally brief whilst the photos are tiny black and white thumbnails from the web. Hence, this is, without doubt, the WORST book we have ever seen. It is small in floppy A5 size with 162 pages. Of these ONLY pages 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 actually deal with the Tupolev Tu-2. There are a few pages more on the history of Tupolev and the engine (some pages 12 through 29). The rest of the book covers the Petlyakov Pe-2, the Polish Airforce, Tupolev Tu-8, Sukhoi, the Bulgarian Air Force, Tupolev Tu-12, the Romanian Airforce, Indonesian Air Force and Petlyakov Pe-8. EXCUSE ME BUT THESE ARE DIFFERENT AEROPLANES AND RANDOM AIR FORCES! All the compilers did was take random links from the Wikipedia page for the Tu-2 hoping that there might be some contents of relevance on the linked pages. Clearly the Pe-2 and the Romanian Airforce have no relevance to the cover-topic of the book. Yes the Pe-2 is a Russian Aeroplane, but that is all they have in common. Yes, some of these airforces may have flown the Tu-2 but these Wikipedia pages don't deal with the Tu-2 service in those airforces.


    In short - this is utterly useless as a reference on the Tu-2. It is utter garbage. It was so bad we complained to the online retailer, who sold it to us, and returned it for a refund. This book has NO value as a reference for a model maker. It cost an astonishing 18.56 from the "Hope Book Store" (via


    EIGHTEEN POUNDS!!!???? We have bought books for 0.50p with more information in them. We have bought books for 15 that were so heavy and packed with photos you could barely lift the damn thing. Given that the content was lifted from the web why on earth did it cost so much? We assumed (naturally) that a book retailing for 18 would be a beefy-big, coffee-table-type manual on the subject. That is what you expect to get for 18. We used the price as a guide. As such this is a terrible rip-off. More than that; it is criminal. It is nothing short of fraudulent. There is nothing here you couldn't download and print yourself from Wikipedia. It is valueless. The more people who know about this con the better. It is a fraud and the publishers need taking to task for massively over-charging and under-delivering. This is a real shock. How can any online retailer look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they sell such garbage? Clearly no serious military modelling book retailer would touch this and certainly no physical book shop would waste bookshelf space stocking it. Shameful. Is the retailer seriously and consciously attempting to dupe the public? If so they should be shut down. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. IT IS A CON.


Update: August 2013: a review of books on the internet reveals this same book now appears with three different cover pages. So beware. Read the description before purchase. If it refers to a compilation of wiki-articles avoid.



Le Toupelov Tu-2 (Editions Heimdal)

Le Toupolev Tu-2 Editions Heimdal    ISBN: 2 84048 116 2. Album Historique by Herbert Léonard: "Le Toupolev Tu-2" (Tus-2, Tu-6, Tu-8, Tu-10, Tu-12 les prototypes dérivés) published by Editions Heimdal in 1998. In May 2013 I ordered three good books on the Tu-2 from the Russian aviation print shop Aviapress online. I had ordered from them before and my orders turned up. Unfortunately, this time, they refused to answer any question about the order when it never turned up. In the end I got my money back from the USA payment agent and went off shopping on the internet. This was one of the results I cam up with via Amazon France; a French Language book on the Tu-2. What the heck? I happily use Russian language books so why not? I ordered it, it wasn't expensive, and it turned up quite quicky. It was second hand and a bit dirty but after a quick wipe down it turned out to be quite a joy.


    The format is colour and black and white throughout. You get 112 pages jam-packed with photos and artwork. There are some cutaway diagrams, line drawings, tables of data, a history of the type, a history of the Tupolev bureau including details of the designer's time in the gulag, details of post-war developments including the jet versions of the Tu-2... Now that would make an interesting model conversion! As the subtitle suggests you get good coverage of all Tupolev light bombers Tu-2 through Tu-12 Le Toupolev Tu-2 Editions Heimdalbut most of the book is devoted to the Tu-2 (of course). This is a market where beggars can't be choosers so we can't complain. This is probably the best you can get in 2013. All we need is THIS to be published in English and any publisher would make a killing. Why are there no english-language books on this type?


    So there you have it. The ONLY book available on the Tu-2, in French, 2nd hand, from 1998. This sucks. It is hard to believe that since the launch of the Xuntong kit no published has filled this yawning gap.

Airplane part 1987: Great Aircraft of the World

Airplane 187 - Tupolev Tu-2     All the evidence you need that we have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find anything in print on the Tu-2; yes, this is a magazine article published in 1993 making it over 20 years old now. This was one of those weekly collectibles that you would end up putting into custom binders and then never reading again. This edition is pages 5207 through 5238 (31 pages - yes that is a funny number but I couldn't figure it out either) of which pages 5216 through 5227 inclusive cover the Tupolex light bomber. That's 11 pages and I paid just short of 8 on EBay. That's just over 72p/page. That's desperation. But it is worth it!


Airplane 187 - Tupolev Tu-2

    You get 7 black & white photos, 4 original small-side view artworks, one original cutaway diagram, a centre-fold double page poster-sized annotated artwork and a double-page-spread original three-view artwork. There is a full type history in the text as well as a rundown of the different variants. It's so nice to get a potted history too - in english! So, if you really cannot find anything else then grab a copy of this from EBay when you can.

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