Books on the Aircraft of Mikoyan and MiG

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Mikoyan's Piston Engined Fighters

Mikoyan's Piston Engined Fighters     Red Star Volume 13, "Mikoyan's Piston-Engined Fighters", Yefim Gordon & Keith Dexter. Midland/Ian Allan Publishing 2003. ISBN 1 85780 160 1. Design concept and layout by Polygon Press (Moscow). Edited by Dmitriy Komissarov. Line drawings by Andrey Yurgenson. Colour artwork by Valentin Vetlitskiy. Purchased from EBay September 2006. 128 pages. Written and compiled by a literal who's-who of Soviet Military Mikoyan's Piston Engined FightersAircraft publishing this is one of the definitive works on Mikoyan's wartime fighters. Remarkably there is a lot to digest here considering that it is mostly just about one aircraft - the MiG-3. The books traces the lineage of the MiG design from MiG-1 through to several enhanced derivative-prototypes such as the I-220 series. Towards the end of the books there is also mention of the MiG-5 twin engined fighter and a short-lived hybrid jet project. Yefim's book finishes with ten pages of line drawings and a whole host of colour profiles. Many large and detailed photo's throughout the book make it ideal for modelmakers. Recommended.


Massimo Tessitori "Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-1/MiG-3"

     Massimo Tessitori "Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-1/MiG-3" published by Mushroom Model Publications - Yellow Series No 6121. ISBN 83-89450-26-7. It gives me particular pleasure to own a copy of this book as I have personally corresponded with Massimo on several occasions through his involvement with the online VVS Model making community at and where he has published photo's of my 1/72nd scale Berkut I-4 and 1/48th scale Eduard Yak-3. Massimo was helpful in answering some questions I had at this forum and at Massimo Tessitori "Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-1/MiG-3"His book is obviously a labour of love where he has bought together all of his years of research on the MiG-3. Some of this stuff had been seen before online but here is everything packaged up in one handy little book for the model maker. I say 'little' as it is, sadly, physically quite small for a model reference Massimo Tessitori "Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-1/MiG-3"although too big to fit in the pocket. Next time I would recommend something larger! However, this is about the only criticism as the book is quite thick with 160 pages jam-packed with excellent research material and photo's. This book has it all - scale plans, technical tables, colour artwork, cutaway diagrams, history, colour pictures of renovated machines - you name it. You want for nothing. If you need to own only one book on this topic, buy this one. Recommended highly.


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