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C-130 Hercules

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Verlinden "Lock On 3 C-130H/AC-130E Hercules"

Verlinden "Lock On 3 C-130H/AC-130E Hercules"     Published by Verlinden as far back as 1986. This is an original production by none other than Francois Verlinden himself and Willy Peeters. You get 36 pages of top notch colour glossy phVerlinden "Lock On 3 C-130H/AC-130E Hercules"otography by the authors themselves. The book is packed with line drawings, cutaways, scale plans and detailed photo's of the airframe and interior. This book is essential although, sadly, all too short! The gunship model gets reasonably good coverage as well as the basic "H" Transporter.

Squadron/Signal "C-130 Hercules In Action"

Squadron/Signal "C-130 Hercules In Action"Squadron/Signal "C-130 Hercules In Action"     Published in 1984. Written by Lou Drendel with the artwork by Don Greer. You pretty much know what you are getting - 57 pages of black and white drawings, center page and covers with colour artworks, cutaway drawing and numerous line drawings showing type evolution. No scale plans (apart from a basic layout of unknown scale) and few detailed airframe shots.

Squadron/Signal "C-130 Hercules Walkaround"

Squadron/Signal "C-130 Hercules Walkaround"     Walkaround number 31 written by Lou Drendel. Colour pictures and artwork by Lou Drendel and Don Greer. Illustrated by Dave Gebhardt and Darren Glenn. Published in 2003 - nearly twenty years after the "In Action" effort. This is much better for the modeller as it fills in for the deficiencies of their earlier work. There is far more colour in its expanded 79 pages. However, the black and white phoSquadron/Signal "C-130 Hercules Walkaround"tos still take up roughly 50% of the coverage. They choose not to 'walkaround' a specific machine but, instead, choose detailed shots from a variety of airframes. However, this does mean you get lots of detail of pretty obscure Herky marques. The book still boasts a lot of "padding" with general long distance three-quarter views of specific airframes. Typical half-hearted effort by Squadron/Signal, neither one thing nor another. Better than nothing.


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