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Krzysztof Janowicz Kagero 3 "He 111" vol 1

Kagero 3 "He 111" vol 1     Kagero's "Heinkel He 111 vol. I" (number 3) written by Krzysztof Janowicz and illustrated (beautifully) by Arkadiusz Wrobel. Published in Poland in 2003 ISBN 83-89088-26-6. Written in Polish and English. Includes a decal set in both 1/48th and 1/72nd scale for several of the aircraft depicted in the colour artworks. About 106 pages of (what can only be described as) 'sumptuous' content. This book is remarkable as are all of Kagero's output. This puts the old Squadron/Signal 'In Action' series in the shade. Don Greer's artwork looks positively anaemic in comparison to Wrobel's work. Purchased from EBay in early 2007. This book is packed full of excellent black and white photo's, development history, colour artwork and page after page of scale plans and drawings. There isKagero 3 "He 111" vol 1 almost too much to take in. Information overload! And this is only volume 1!? This volume covers all versions from "B" through to "H" with the drawings showing what has changed between each type and sub-type. The "Z" Zwilling is also covered. There are many highly detailed photo's of specific features giving this an almost 'walkaround' feel. The photo's are of the highest quality - crisp & clear. There are many good shots of He 111's rolling through the production line. Several show the bomb "cells" in quite a detailed fashion. Highly recommended.



Krzysztof Janowicz Kagero 8 "He 111" vol II

Kagero 8 "He 111" vol II     Published in 2004. Dual language Polish and English. Another great monograph from Kagero. A very large publication at 81 pages and that is not including nearly another 20 or 30 pages just of scale plans. It is peppered with colour artwork and a couple of pages of colour photographs. As usual it includes a set of decals in 1/48th and 1/72nd scale. There is even decals for a P-2 marque for which you will need the Koster Aero Enterprises He-111 set for the neKagero 8 "He 111" vol IIw engines in 1/48th scale. There are full three view colour artworks to go with the decals so you know exactly how to paint the model. The scale plans are very comprehensive showing every marque imaginable plus variants and field modifications. Even weapons are covered. If you only have one reference then this should be it. Remarkable.

Robert Michulec "He 111" Monograph Nbr 2

Robert Michulec "He 111" Monograph nbr 2     Published in 1994 a year after the original Polish version shown below. In fact the two monographs diverge widely after initial similarities. They have diffRobert Michulec "He 111" Monograph nbr 2erent photographs and line drawings. The scale plans are the same. This English language version actually boasts better colour artworks so is better all round. Whilst compiling this the publishers appear to have taken time to make it better with 8 pages more then the original version shown below. You get 16 pages of scale plans and 2 of line drawings. There seven pages of colour artwork. Recommended thoroughly.

Robert Michulec "He 111" Monograph Nbr 12

Robert Michulec "He 111" Monograph nbr 12     Published in 1993 - they original version of this monograph. The version above is the EnglishRobert Michulec "He 111" Monograph nbr 12 language version. This has only 48 pages compared to 56 above. There are only 5 pages of colour profiles with only three pages featuring line drawings. There is less diversity on the line drawings too. All in all you are best of finding the English language edition above as it has far more black and white photo's too. The 16 pages of scale plans are the same across versions.

Aerodata Inter'nal Nbr 12 "Heinkel He 111 P & H"

Aerodata International nbr 12 "Heinkel He 111 P & H"     ISBN 0 905469 75 5. Published in 1979 by Vintage Aviation Publications Ltd. Flick over to our pages on the Liberator will see another one of these Aerodata Internationals. If you already have one then you know what you are getting. The material within the pages is not unlike the other good monographs on this page with one exception - this monograph is only 20 pages long. Yes! It hardly qualifies as a pamphlet. Most modelling magazines put out more material than this on a monthly basis. But what it does lack in quantity it does make up for in quality. Despite being nearly thirty years old this little book manages to pAerodata International nbr 12 "Heinkel He 111 P & H"ack in two pages of colour artwork and four pages of 1/72nd scale plans. The rest of the pages are bulked out with quite sizeable black and white photo's of reasonable quality and variety. There are several views of the production line and some interior shots - which is always nice. So if you want one quick and simple monograph then this is it, but I suspect most modellers will want a bit more depth to the work. There is not a lot of text but there is a good run-down of technical specifications as well as a guide to P and H variants.

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