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Ian Allan "Halifax"

Ian Allan "Halifax"     This is the book subtitled "An Illustrated History of a Classic World War II Bomber" by K. A. Merrick. It was written in 1980 and has 224 pages. ISBN 0 7110 0767 5 The inside covers have nice cutaway drawings although, sadly, both drawings are of the same model - surely a missed opportunity? Slightly heavier on the text than the "At War" series, this book does actually have quite a few useful airframe and internal shots. The quality of the paper and photo reproductions are quite reasonable for the time Ian Allan "Halifax"at which it was published. Photo's detailing the change in the vertical tail shape will be of interest. The photo's are mostly of the various variants in various actions. As such this book is typical of the era in which it was written and published. Today's model maker will have more discerning tastes so I am sure this is the sort of thing that you will only let onto your shelves if it is very, very cheap on EBay (as in my case!). Not recommended for the modeller.

Aerodata International No 7 "Handley Page Halifax"

Aerodata International No 7 "Handley Page Halifax"     Aerodata International Number 7 "Handley Page Halifax Merlin-Engined Variants". Published by Vintage Aviation Publications in 1979. ISBN 0 905469 50 X. The Aerodata Series appears as if it was intended to be collected into binders as the page numbering starts at 121. This copy, which I picked up from Aerodata International No 7 "Handley Page Halifax"EBay, also has 8 extra yellow pages bound inside supplying French and German translations. This is an A-4 sized booklet of only 20 pages but it includes 1/72nd scale plans, colour artwork, sketches, black & white photo's plus the usual narrative. Buy it for the plans and colour profiles but there is very little inside this book. If they expanded it to 100 pages this would be a winner. However, it is 28 years old so we can be charitable! Recommended for the plans.

Squadron/Signal "Halifax In Action"

Squadron/Signal "Halifax In Action"     ISBN 0 89747 158 X. Written by Jerry Scutts. Illustrated by Don Greer. Line Drawings by Kevin Wornkey. Published in 1984 by Squadron/Signal Publications Inc. Fifty pages and if you are familiar with the "In Action" Series then you will know what to expect. There is a center spread of colour side profiles only. Apart from this only the front and rear covers have any colour. There are the usual small scale plans but, to what scale, nobody knows. There are plenty of scrap views to show the airframe differences between the different Squadron/Signal "Halifax In Action"marques of the Halifax. Where it does manage to rise slightly above the common fair is in its good use of photo's. There is a good proportion of them showing the Halifax in the factory or undergoing maintenance. Although they are in black and white the pictures are very clear and there are some interior shots which is nice. Run of the mill but pick up a copy if you can. Useful.

Ian Allan "Halifax at War"

Ian Allan "Halifax at War"     The review here will read the same as for the "Wellington at War" on this web site as it was compiled into the same book. The original was published in 1987 and was written by Brian J. Rapier. It was then repackaged together with "Wellington at War" by the "Promotional Reprint Company" in 1994 in a volume of lower quality - obviously destined for the cheaper end of the Christmas Stocking 'coffee table' book market. The book has 127 pages of black and white photo's. Being in the late 1980's a few hand drawn side Ian Allan "Halifax at War"profiles make it into the book. However, sadly, they are then reproduced in black and white as well! It isn't clear if this was done later by the republishing agent or they were monochrome in the original print. As you would expect there are no engineering drawings, no scale plans, no colour photo's and no colour profiles whatsoever. There are plenty of useful photo's for the modeller including shots at the factory and various interiors. So there is some small value in this book. However, I think I would recommend the original print rather than these cheaper reproductions. Better still try for something published after 2000 for a drop of colour and extra detail. Especially if you are a modeller. Otherwise recommended if you can get them cheap off EBay.

Bruce Robertson "Halifax Special"

Bruce Robertson "Halifax Special"     Bruce Robertson's "Halifax Special" published by Ian Allan Ltd in 1990. ISBN 0 7110 1920 7. Hardback with the only colour being the cover exteriors (illustrated here left & right) - 80 Bruce Robertson "Halifax Special"pages of black & white photo's, a few drawings and some technical tables plus written history. No scale plans or colour profiles. This is typical late 1980's 'coffee table' style books on the topic. The photo's are interesting but there is not a lot here to excite the modeller. For general reference only. A couple of interior shots are worthy but otherwise dull. Pick it up cheap off EBay for a quick browse but not essential.

Osprey "Halifax Squadrons of World War 2"

Osprey "Halifax Squadrons of World War 2"     ISBN 84 8372 498 7. Jointly published between Osprey Aviation and delPrado (the Spanish collectible-magazines publisher). This work was adapted from Osprey's own "Halifax Squadrons of World War 2" published a couple of years earlier. DelPrado joint published this as part of a collectible set in 2001. It followed their usual Business model - you get the first for 1.95 and then collect the rest for 4.95 per week or month. You would then collect these from your newsagent. The original work was written by Tony Holmes with artwork by Iain Wyllie, Chris Davey, Mike Chappell and Mark Styling. Since delPrado issued these they have drifted on to EBay to compete with their original Osprey versions. It is not entirely clear what the differences are but they may be cosmetic such as a lack of external ISBN number and Bar Code. This suggests that this was packaged within something else. In comparison to the Bf 110 AOTA's book, we have, this one is very low on pages at only 60 versus the other book's 104. Osprey "Halifax Squadrons of World War 2"Did they edit it down for delPrado? The only way to find out would be to try and grab the original off of EBay. Within your 60 pages you get good clear black and white photo's with accompanying text. There are twelve pages of colour artwork but these are spaced out in a slightly suspicious manner revealing large white spaces (see sample right). The books is a tad light and it strongly suggests that large chunks were removed so that delPrado could target a less demanding audience. If true then buyer beware! If buying this off EBay try and make sure you are getting the Osprey original. Having said that it is not a bad little book breaking down into 8 sections featuring bombing the Reich, Pathfinders, SOE operations, 100 Group Operations, Airborne Forces work and Costal Command. The pictures are good and the text informative so this can be recommended if not in this delPrado format.

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