Books on the Boeing North

American B-1 Lancer

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Warbirdtech "Boeing North American B-1 Lancer"

Warbirdtech "B-1 Lancer"     Published by Speciality Press Publishers and Wholesalers in 1998. Written by Steve Pace. You get exactly 100 pages although there is no colour photo's apart from a brief four page section in the center (which is wholly useless). The book (despite it cover) is not really designed for the modWarbirdtech "B-1 Lancer"el maker however it does boast a lot of line drawn diagrams of all aspects of the airframe. The photo's are rather poor as there are no detailed shots. Each photo's shows a complete aircraft so you don't learn a great deal, especially as there are no glossy photo's giving everything a bleached out and grainy look. Of limited use but there is not a lot of good material for the model maker on this topic.


Squadron/Signal "B-1 Lancer Bone In Action" N. 179

Squadron/Signal "B-1 Lancer Bone In Action"     Written by Lou Drendel. Published in 2002. Illustrations by Lou Drendel, Mariano Roales and Richard Hudson. This is the first "In Action" I have seen from the guy who is normally the Squadron/Signal resident artist. Maybe that is why this has a slightly different 'feel' to it. This is a lot more visual than the usual fair. There are some quite decent internal shots of undercarriage, weapons bay and cockpit. Sadly they are all in black and white but this is much closer to a walkaround than almostSquadron/Signal "B-1 Lancer Bone In Action" anything ever published by Squadron/Signal with exception of their actual 'Walkaround' series. For your money you get 50 pages with full colour outside covers and center section. As a change from the usual fair you also don't get side views in the colour center section. Instead Lou chose to create a few action artworks. I guess he recognises that the normal side views probably wouldn't have been very interesting for an aircraft for which so few were made and has evolved so little. The basic external airframe changes between B-1A and B-1B have been well illustrated. Recommended but really lacks colour photo's.


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