Fujimi 1/24th Bladerunner Spinner

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     I had always been interested in building a model of this topic. Back in 2013 I learnt of a large scale resin kit of the Bladerunner Spinner yet the cost was prohibitive - something in the order of £500 I recall. Then I missed the launch of this Fujimi kit and only learnt of its existence at the end of 2014. I got one for about £35 off Amazon via a wholesaler in Hong Kong. This remains a ludicrously expensive kit for what it is. As you can see from the photos you do not get much for your money if you pay the UK recommended price which is nearly£70.

    I checked out a few reviews and then purchased both the kit and the Paragrafix photoetech set. I had used Paragrafix on the Millennium Falcon and was happy with the result. However, try as hard as I could I could not find an LED lighting kit for the model. Astonishing! There are generic kits available for model Police Cars so we might get lucky. Oddly enough despite the use of the word "Spinner" the Japanese don't seem to use the word "Bladerunner" in connection with the kit. Other than the photoetch the only aftermarket accessory are the two figures for the cabin that are only available from Hobbylink Japan under the name of "Future Detectives". Yet the figures are certainly those from the movie. Deckard is even holding his pot of noodles! 

Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner

Kit Photos

 Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner  Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner  Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner
As you can see the part count is ludicrously low for such an expensive kit. One reviewer said the movie is useless for reference purposes - actually I disagree. Making this model based upon the real sized cars used on the movie set will not yield a model that invokes the movie. I intend to take some artistic license and paint the model somewhat darker than the "real" because that is how I remember it. Heck, I can do what I want! I would like to light the kit with LEDs if I can find something suitable. I would like to mount the model in flying mode too - maybe on a column of smoke. This has already been done by one model maker although his column of smoke is less than convincing.
Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner Fujimi Bladerunner Spinner
That's it on the parts count - five small sprues (one doubled up) plus one clear sprue, one blue clear sprue and one red clear sprue (for the police lights). The kit is based upon the film maker's models not the full scale version used on set. So some corrections are required.

Aftermarket Extras

 Paragrafix Spinner PGX155   Future Cops!    
The Paragrafix Spinner (PGX155) allows you to correct the errors in the cabin area and add a few more details. The bagged "Future Detectives" are from Hobbylink Japan. These are essential unless your Spinner is to be empty! They weren't flying themselves. HOwever you could model it on the ground without pilot and passenger.




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