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Millennium Falcon

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Purchased in early 2012 this ranks as the most expensive model I have ever purchased. For the previous Christmas I received the gift of the Star Wars saga on BluRay - having time on my hands I sat and watched it all through - every episode and all the extras. It convinced me to build a model of something iconic from the series. The Millenium Falcon fitted the bill. So I did some research online and found that only two large scale models were ever produced and the best was the FineMolds version. However, it was hard to come by despite it being quite a recent addition. I ended up buying it off EBay and importing it all the way from the USA. But it was worth it.


This kit is BIG. The sturdy box measures some 70cm x 45cm x 10cm (28in x 17in x 4in). It has a phenomenally-high part count as FineMolds have attempted to reproduced every tiny detail. Needless to say there are no know aftermarket accessories for this kit. It should be quite a quick build and an easy one. No need to worry too much about fiddley joint lines or accuracy. This is a kit you can have fun with. My last project took nearly four years to complete. This will be somewhat of a relief by comparison.


Aftermarket accessories:


  • Photoetch Grill Detail set by Millennia Models International available at (

  • Photoetch Landing Gear Baffle Detail by Millenia Models International available at (

  • Canopy Masks by Graphic Encounters available at (

  • Clear Engine Nozzles by Acreation Models available at (

  • Lighting Panels from Outer Space Outfitters available at Cult TV Man's Hobbyshop (

  • Light Freighter Photoetch Detail set by Acreation Models (including cockpit decals by Paragrafix) available at Cult TVMan's Hobbyshop (


FineMolds Millennium Falcon


 Our thanks to Scott Girvan at Scale Model Addict for compiling this list (


This model is now complete (Aug 2013) and in our 'Gallery Now'. See the completed model here and the model build here.

Kit Photos

FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon
The instruction leaflet is A4-sized with 24 pages. I won't picture every page here but if you click on the thumbnail it opens a PDF that you can browse through showing it all. The decal sheet reproduces every panel including all the scratches too. It is noteworhty that FineMolds chose NOT to mould the kit with its obvious "battle-damage". This is what you see when you open the box. Multiple pictures of the actual model used for filming "Return of the Jedi" and "The Empire Strikes Back". Big, glossy and colourful. Nice. The next layer of the box offers this large, colourful & glossy diagram of the kit as a painting and decal positioning guide. This appears to be pictures of the completed kit not the film prop shown earlier.
Note: all images are the property of FineMolds and Lucas Film. They are reproduced here for review purposes only and as an aid to potential purchasers. The instruction leaflet is supplied for review purposes only and as a backup spare for anyone who have misplaced their own original copy. No images or documents supplied here may be used for any commercial purposes or for reverse engineering any element of this kit.
FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon
This box is STURDY with three separate internal boxes holding all the bagged sprues. The top of the Falcon goes from box side to box side (about 44cm long)! Another view of the Falcon's top section ("hull"). There are only three sub-assemblies for this kit: upper hull, lower hull & cockpit. The Instruction Sheet breaks down each assembly step into sub-sections of the saucer. This is the underside of the Falcon. It is very detailed even if the moulding is a little too chunky for my liking. The model-maker can have fun weathering this. This is "Sprue A" of which there are three - all identical. The sprue on the left shows the reverse-side. FineMolds have gone to town on the number of parts but the moulding is not particularly delicate or crisp.
FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon
Sprues "F" (left) & "G" (right) holds more recognisable elements of the Falcon - namely that cockpit and corridor section. Despite my criticisms the moulding is flash-free. Sprues "D" (left) & "E" (right) show again the chunky, work-man-like FineMolds style. If some of the parts look like car engines that is because they are. The Star Wars model-makers cobbled bits together from off-the-shelf commercial kits. Sprue "H" (top) for the clear parts and (underneath) a bag of polycaps and screws. It is not clear why FineMolds felt the need to screw the model together. Although big it is saucer-shaped with no over-hanging, moving or load-bearing parts. A mystery! Sprue "J" supplies lots of options with all your favourite Star Wars characters depicted seated (for the cockpit) & standing (for diorama). There is Chewie, Luke, Obi Wan, Han, C3-P0 & Leia (seated) plus two Stormtroopers, Han, Luke & Leia (standing). Note there is no R2-D2 (what were they thinking!?)
FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon FineMolds Millennium Falcon It is noteworthy (prior to the build) that FineMolds have produced a "factory-fresh" CEC YT-1300 Transport. So you could produce almost anything you like with this kit. However, most will wish to reproduce the classic Falcon from the first three movies in which case the battle damage will need to be added.
There are two sprue "Cs" (the one on the left is shown reversed). Sprue "K" supplies a truly hideous display stand. Work-man-like (again) but ugly as hell. That goes to the spares box. There are two of Sprue "B". Note there is no sprue "I".  

Aftermarket Extras

Acreation Engine Nozzles Voodoo FX Falcon Lighting Kit Photoetch by Acreation Aeroclub Mk 4 Martin Baker Ejection Seats
 The Clear Engine Nozzles by Acreation Models. You need 13 but Cult TV Man sent a pack of only 12. Not their fault. I asked for one more but they had none, so they had Acreation kindly send me a couple of spares to make up the full set. Thanks to Steve at Cult TV Man and Rob at Acreation for their help. The Falcon Lighting Kit from Voodoo FX. You will need to know how to solder and possess a soldering iron! The Light Freighter Photoetch Detail set by Acreation Models. This is NOT as it looks when you buy it. I had already started it before I remembered to photograph it! Ye olde Aeroclub Ejection Seats. I did some research online and found that the two rear Millennium Falcon cockpit seats are based upon old Mk4 Martin Baker Ejection seats. By coincidence I happened to have an old white metal seat that fitted the bill in the spares box. Lucky huh? Aeroclub have long since stopped making them!




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