Italeri 1/24th

scale Transit Van

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DeAgostini 1/43rd scale Millennium Falcon

Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-13 Transport [Han Solo Modified]

Model Built January 2015 to June 2018


      The DeAgostini Falcon is a part build spread over 24 months. Each month came with a magazine containing articles about the Star Wars world as well as instructions on how to build that month's components to the Millennium Falcon. The total cost of the two year subscription was 900 but that doesn't start to reflect the total spent on 3D printed extras from Shapeways.


    After two years the build was largely done but I took the upper and lowwer hulls apart to insert an improved 3D printed articulated entry ramp. This required considerable internal modifications. I tnen put the project to one side to builf the Italeri Transit Van before picking this project up again in 2018. Total duration was 3 and a half years. I scratchbuilt a lot of internal details in the main hall which can be observed by removing a detachable section of the upper hull. DeAgostini included a remotely operated LED lighting system which lights up the gunwells, cockpit, engines and other outer spotlights. Although 99% complete in 2018 I still needed to finish painting the crew figures.

DeAgostini Millennium Falcon

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